— Monika Staniec Interior Design

House in Olawa

The house in Oława was designed for a young family with a child. At ground level an open area with a kitchen, a dining room and lounge part and relax area at the fireplace was created. An unusual arrangement of these areas was created, in the place of a dining room a sofa was put in, in order to enable better communication of residents – at the moment when someone watches TV, he or she has a better contact with a person who is in the kitchen. Colours are very warm, pleasing to the eye. A decorative brick on the wall is the background for the bookcase, a yellow armchair emphasises character of the ground floor. White-wooden kitchen is very modern, functional and timeless. In the bathrooms there are tiles imitating wood, which are spacious and ergonomic. There is furniture for storing purposes, thanks to it everything that should be here is at hand.