— Monika Staniec Interior Design

A loft style apartment in Wroclaw

This flat was created, designed and realized for a particular model of the family, namely 2+2. It is located in Wrocław on the prestigious WUWA2 housing estate. Innovative projects and a plan of the entire housing estate was brought into the interior. The 600-centimeter-high daily part consists of a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, communication and an entressol with a study function. There is an area for children (2 bedrooms and a bathroom) upstairs. While choosing the materials for the project I focused on natural solutions (wood on the floor and the wall), industrial solutions (decorative concrete) and reference to Old German materials that are commonly used in the Lower Silesia region – bricks. The whole is complemented by some modern furniture, structures and patchwork. Materials are combined and the same in the daily zone in order to achieve the unity of the whole interior.