— Monika Staniec Interior Design

Designs of apartments

Buying a new house or flat is one of the first, serious steps in the lives of all of us. This is a confirmation that we start to invest, that we have wonderful plans for further personal development. Several dozen square metres of our dreams deserves proper arrangement, we would like to prepare a new place in a way that we imagine it.
Smaller spaces require the eye of a specialist, who will advise how to use the place wisely, how to choose materials, who will tell us, step by step, what is most important and will share his or her knowledge, presenting a complete design of an interior. It is an expenditure which consequently turns out to be a saving.

House designs

Building a house is one of the most important decisions in our life. It is the proof that our life gathers pace, develops itself and makes us feel ready for the upcoming changes. It is a new, larger space for our families. It is also a huge investment and employing an experienced designer of interior decoration is a thing worth doing it.
Employing me to deal with the arrangement of a house, You have certainty that I will propose suitable, individual solutions of interior design, I will adjust the needs of Your family to a new place. I will take care of the interior of Your house as a whole.